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Prologue to Madness

A world of pain and suffering constitutes as your reality in the realization that in the end things never truly are what they appeared to be all along. Feeling so broken and abused our own frailty comes as no shock.  We have known all along just how weak we were, by all the pain felt inside.  Yet we move passed all the hurt in the attempt to discover who we've become and who we are.
So, ahead of each of you is a great journey and each journey is uniquely different. We're meant to travel alone towards our destination.  While most travel along their journey with others who share simularities in there desired destinations, as to not travel alone. Other's who are  lonely and are in search of something, anything that can ease the suffering of there reality. There are some who do choose to travel alone on there journey and along the way discovering the nature of there reality for them selfs and often times discovering that what you found has in fact already been discovered... W…